Workshop "Modular Forms and Representation Theory" - Practical Information

July 15-22 2022

Manigod, France


All guests will stay in the Chalet Giersch (Location).

Bed linen are provided. Everything else must be brought by the participants (incl. bath towels, soap, shampoo, toothbrush,...)

Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided in the chalet.


There are several options of how to get to and from the venue:

a) By own car: Location

(Address: 84 Chemin du Plan du Mont, 74230 Manigod, France)

b) By train/bus/(taxi):

- by train to ANNECY (about 4h from Paris, 8h from Frankfurt)

- then bus Y62 or Y63 from Annecy to Thônes (ANNECY Gare routière -> THÔNES Gare routière, 40 minutes)

(Link 1, Link 2, Link 3)

- then we can pick you up in Thônes (15 minutes to the Chalet), (on the arrival day we can pick you up after ~17:00)

- alternatively, you can take a taxi (see below) directly from Annecy to Chalet Giersch, 50 min. (see above for street address)

c) By "shuttle bus":

- on July 15th: we will drive a van from the Frankfurt area in Germany directly to the Chalet Giersch: departure ~8:00, arrival: ~16:00

- return on July 22nd: departure ~10:00, arrival ~18:00

d) By plane (option 1):

- fly to Frankfurt airport (FRA) on July 14th or before

- then take shuttle bus in option c

- return flight from FRA on July 23rd or after

e) By plane (option 2):

- fly to Geneva airport (GVA)

- take bus 272 to ANNECY Gare routière (Link 1, Link2)

(alternatively, you can also take the train, you need to switch trains once in Genève-Cornavin, the main station in Geneva)

- then refer to option b of how to continue from Annecy

General remark on taxi company: It is possible to order a taxi to and from Thônes, Annecy or even Geneva airport. We recommend this company. The taxi can (and should) be booked online in advance.

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