Women in automorphic forms

September 20-22, 2021

Bielefeld University

This is a conference in number theory and arithmetic geometry specially addressed to female mathematicians working in these areas. However, anybody interested in these topics is kindly invited to attend. Due to the current situation the conference will be in a hybrid format.

Registration is now open: Please fill out this form.

Please contact Claudia Alfes-Neumann (alfes (at) math (dot) uni-bielefeld (dot) de) if you have any questions.

Speakers (* to be confirmed)

Kathrin Bringmann (University of Cologne)

YoungJu Choie (Postech)

Ksenia Fedosova (Freiburg University)

Bo-Hae Im (KAIST)

Özlem Imamoglu* (ETH Zurich)

Jungwon Lee (Sorbonne University)

Judith Ludwig (Heidelberg University)

Jasmin Matz (University of Copenhagen)

Eugenia Rosu (Regensburg University)

Maryna Viaszovska (EPFL)


Claudia Alfes-Neumann, Bielefeld University

Anke Pohl, University of Bremen

Anna von Pippich, GU Frankfurt/TU Darmstadt


The conference will take place at the ZiF in Bielefeld.

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